In the face of Bansko Bulgaria has a winter resort to compete with the elite

No surprising news circle around when it comes to claiming that thanks to Bansko Bulgaria has a winter resort with a standard relevant and comparable to the level in Europe. The Pirin Mountain town has been left just outside the Top 100 on the continent in a recent report but it shouldn’t sound discouraging since the assessment cover more than 2200 snow sports centers all around Europe. On a smaller scale, it turns out that on average out of 22 random resorts Bansko should be e better than twenty of them.

Well, it’s hard to beat Kitzbuhel – the leader in the ranks with 4,8 stars, but it isn’t affordable to many people. In the name of Bansko Bulgaria receives the highest rating of 3,8 stars based on complex criteria. The best winter resort in the country makes it to the all five stars when it comes to the quality of the lifts and the way the slopes are being prepared for skiers. It’s just one star away from being a perfect place for both rookies and experienced riders. What is pointed as a major setback is the lack of sufficient length for cross-country skiing – around 10 m, while the total of Alpine runs sums up to 70 km – that beats the majority in Europe.


Regarding Bansko, Bulgaria brings fun the young


But what about the family holidays? The report of Skiresort survey claims that the town in the footsteps of Pirin Mountain deserves an average recognition of 3 stars out of 5 when it comes to the parents plus children trips. Checking the deals available for family reservations might make you think that Bansko winter complex actually stands above the medium level.


In terms of value for the price, the leading Bulgarian skiing resort offers some of the best choices. Free-Child sign was to be seen in dozens of hotels in the area – ask if that discount is available when you reserve a room or a suit. A free ski pass is available if you pre-book a stay at some of the best lodgings like Strazhite, Mura, Pirin and the eponymous Hotel Bansko. Free Junior Ski Club and discounts of tuition in snow sports also is another option to optimize the family budget for the winter holidays in Bansko.


The Pirin Mountain is gorgeous and looks calm but during the night the town in the footsteps might not be all quiet. Plenty of loud venues on the map of Bansko ski resort make it a great choice for night persons. And the diversity of clubs and bars is seen as a surrounding that isn’t always suitable for a family vacation. But the noises are limited within the walls of discos such as Amnesia, or Buddha Bar, or No Name and wouldn’t mess with your sleep since there are many houses to stay in that are located far from the favorite spots of nightlife riders. Even if it’s not perfect, in Bulgaria Bansko represents the best combination of criteria for a ski resort of high quality.




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